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How Happy & Healthy are YOU? 

Based on your Happy Healthy Test results, check your level. Use the Health and Happiness Test to inspire you to get to the next level by adopting healthy habits that lead to increased happiness! We encourage you to take the test each month to see if you've achieved the next level. Earn a "Healthy and Happy" badge every time you complete the test, and when you increase your level, you earn a LEVEL UP badge! Check out all of the cool badges and awards you can earn when you join The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge.

Research shows that support makes a big difference in your success at weight loss and healthy living. The people you surround yourself with have a big impact on your daily decisions. You can find a whole group of supportive friends in our exclusive, positive, friendly online tribe. We are all working on being healthier today than we were yesterday in mind, body, and spirit. We need specific things to be successful: 

  1. People who believe in us and who help us believe in ourselves. Enjoy this with our private Facebook group and daily emails

  2. Accountability and feedback - which you can have every single day with your lifestyle makeover challenge membership - enter your scores every day and watch yourself move up in the rankings.

  3. Goals to keep you motivated and rewards when you get there! Earn badges and awards as you adopt healthy habits that keep you going stronger day after day.

Join The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge for less than a dollar a day to help you stay motivated and give you the tools and inspiration you need to be successful! We've got this! 



If you scored between 1 and 3, you are at serious risk for disease and premature death. Consult your physician and begin making life changes immediately. Take the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge to find the support, information and inspiration you need to get started right away. Your life may depend on it. 

If you scored between 4 and 6 you will benefit greatly from some lifestyle changes. Eating healthy, getting some daily movement, and finding ways to lift your spirit will help you avert disease and stay healthy. You will enjoy The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge to help you get and stay on track for a healthy happy life. 

If you scored between 7 and 9 you are rocking it!! You are well on your way to living a very long healthy and happy life! Continue to nurture your spirit and your body with the HealthyHappy Newsletter and The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge. 

If you scored between 10 and 12 you are seriously crushing it! You are an inspiration to us all! No matter how healthy and happy you are, a little motivation and encouragement never hurt anyone! Congratulations! Way to go!!!

Join the FREE newsletter above, or take the Lifestyle Challenge by signing up below. Interested in starting your own team? The Tribe Leader subscription might be for YOU! (Coming Soon)

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