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Dear Fitness Pro, is where people go to find the motivation, inspiration and connection to help them build healthier habits. As they learn to take more control over their lives and their decisions, they will gain confidence and strengthen their commitment. Confidence is the key to success in life, relationships, fitness, and health. Help YOUR clients achieve confidence, and they'll reap RESULTS. When you help someone feel good about who THEY are, they'll feel good about who YOU are. 

TRIBES provides you with the tools that research shows are crucial to a client's success. Inspiration with daily PEP talks, accountability with MyLifestyleTracker exclusive software, and connectivity with our private FaceBook group. What's left for YOU to do? Train them. Work them out. Guide, lead, teach, inspire, and MENTOR your group members.


With MyLifestyleTracker you'll be able to check on how your clients are doing every day. See their points for sleep, nutrition, personal growth, exercise habits and more. When you see that John hasn't been getting enough sleep and is only eating one meal per day, you can ask him about it and see if everything is going ok. When you see that Suzy isn't eating her fruits and vegetables, you can ask her if she would like some nutritional counseling. It gives you the information and insight to be the world's most effective trainer ever. THAT is what makes a client feel special. 

Take your training services to the next level. Provide personal service like no other. Welcome your members into your family and show them the support, validation, and encouragement that they need to feel special just the way they are. Then help them get a little bit better every day in every way. 


Let's work together to have a positive and lasting impact on the lives we touch. May everyone we meet live healthier and happier for it. Build your tribe. Inspire your tribe. Help each individual feel welcomed, accepted, and supported like family. Priceless. 

The bottom line is that when you make your clients feel special, build their confidence, and help them achieve astounding results, they'll be happy to not only pay you what you're worth, but sing your praises all the while. Your not just in the fitness business anymore.  You're in the life-changing, spirit-nourishing, disease-preventing, heart-healing business.  

When you become a TRIBE Leader you will receive a license to use the TRIBES Fitness logo and brand, either as your primary brand or a seal of excellence; your own webpage with registration and payment; and a whole new service to offer your clients. This is a value-add for your members as a TRIBES Fitness Pro.

The TRIBES mantra is "Love the body you're in."  When you love something, you take better care of it!  But we have to love ourselves right where we are right now in order to find the strength and confidence to make strong decisions today for a better healthier, happier tomorrow. 

You've got this! 

tamilynn phillips

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