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Ease into living HEALTHY the NoWalls Way and ENJOY the Journey!


Transform your  Mind, Body and Spirit and
Get Your HEALTH Back.

Do you need to TAKE CONTROL of your HEALTH HABITS by reducing stress, getting more physically active, and improving your nutrition? Do you want to get off some of those medications and lower your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, or blood sugar to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and type 2 diabetes?

Get started today with a 100-day NoWalls Workout Adventure or PowerLiving Lifestyle Change Program that is based on behavior science and psychology with a disease-prevention eating plan and comprehensive workout system backed by 30 years of research, experience, and hands-on teaching into a complete easy-to-follow, results-driven system to make sure that YOU can finally change your habits and keep the weight off for good.

Safe. Effective. Enjoyable.

When you've tried everything else,
and you're ready to work SMARTER instead of HARDER.
THEN you're ready to start LIVING Your POWER. 


Change Your Habits. Change Your Life. 

Most diet and exercise programs simply don't work. They're unsustainable. Unrealistic. Miserable. Maybe you even feel like you'd rather die young than eat bland foods and do burpees every day. And maybe you're right. 

But THEY'RE WRONG. All too often the diet and fitness industries promote bland unsustainable diets and push workouts that are too hard too soon for most people. THAT is what makes living a healthy active lifestyle seem out of reach for so many of us!  


  1. Healthy eating CAN be delicious and you don't have to give up the foods you love;

  2. Exercise CAN be enjoyable and you don't have to do burpees or bootcamps;

  3. Eating healthy and exercise can REVERSE diabetes and heart disease risk! 

  4. Everyone deserves to live an active, healthy lifestyle that they ENJOY!

Quick Tip for SUCCESS: Instead of "diet" think "eating strategy" and instead of "workout" think "ME TIME!" WootWoot! 
Think of your weight loss and health journey like you're climbing your personal Mt. Everest. You'll need the right tools, navigation strategies, meal planning, and training for the climb - just to name a few considerations. Not everyone makes it to the top of the mountain. Not everyone has the grit or the right guide - but mostly - they haven't had the right guide. 

That's where your support team comes in. We've got the plan, the tools, the map, and the motivation you need make it ALL THE WAY to the TOP of YOUR MOUNTAIN THIS TIME! 
And THIS TIME there's ONE MAJOR difference: we'll teach you everything you need to know along the way. Yup, SURVIVAL TRAINING so that at the end of these 4 months - you'll have the tools and know-how to make it on YOUR OWN!
You'll learn how to take back control over your habits and your life one step at a time. Step by step by step until you've reached your personal SUMMIT. 
PowerLiving 101 includes everything you need so that you can change your habits and transform your body and your life - for good. 


Get Support! 

Our Courses include support, camaraderie, a complete fitness training program with daily progressive workouts, accountability, and a Lifestyle Coach to walk with you every step of the way.

It's not your fault.

The reason you haven't succeeded in the past isn't because you're not strong enough or don't have enough grit. 

You've been given the wrong information and you haven't had the right tools or the support you need for success. 

PowerLiving 101 is based on proven science and a behavior change system that give you the information and tools you need to change your habits, change your thinking, and change your life for good. 
You've Got This!

Happy Family

Live Healthy Today so You Can Enjoy More Tomorrows!

Choose a Workout Adventure or Start Your TOTAL HEALTH & BODY TRANSFORMATION! 

You can take the Workout Adventure ala carte or enjoy it included with your

NoWalls Workouts are different than any workout experience you've ever had. 

Instead of just throwing you all willy-nilly into bootcamps and hard-core workouts, our program gives you the stepping stones to go from the COUCH to CONFIDENT as you first learn the fundamentals, and then progress through over 10 different workout formats so that you can find workouts that YOU LOVE. 

Are you worried that you won't be able to do it because you haven't exercised at all lately? You're in luck! We have THREE PHASES of our Workout Adventures and we literally start out our adventure in our pajamas in an easy-chair for our first workout! You've TOTALLY Got This!

Our three levels (Health, Fitness, and Power) progress in intensity, coordination, duration, and tempo as you graduate from one level to the next so that as YOU get STRONGER, the workouts get longer and harder so that you can continue to see RESULTS! 

Join today and enjoy camaraderie, motivation, support, and an online COURSE to help you stay on track!


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GEt Started FREE

FREE GIFTS to Help You Get Started

Enjoy any or ALL of these FREE GIFTS! We know it's hard to make life changes - but YOU are worth it!


Get started TODAY or you might miss out on your best tomorrows.

Don't put it off any longer.  

These gifts are for everyone who knows they need to make a change, but aren't quite ready to commit to exercise and better eating habits just yet...

Take this crash course to learn more about type 2 diabetes and how to prevent or reverse chronic disease while you discover just how enjoyable it can be to EASE into fitness! You'll get to workout in your pajamas from your easy-chair! Get ready to ENJOY working out!

Discover three simple steps that you can take to enjoy better health, increased energy, and more joy - starting now! Download this FREE pdf and you're on your way to better health TODAY! 

You only have ONE LIFE - live it to it's fullest. HEALTH is more than WEALTH and no amount of money can buy more energy and more joy without it. 

Have you ever felt like no-one really gets your struggle? Sometimes it is super healthy to share what you've been through and where you're at. Book a FREE call with your Personal Sherpa and find the support and understanding you've been craving as you share your story and brainstorm solutions that might work to help you overcome your current challenges.  

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Pick Your PACE Workout Adventures

Enjoy support and camaraderie as you go from COUCH to CONFIDENT with workouts that take you step by step to your strongest, leanest, fiercest self!

Progress at your own PACE with 12 different formats that increase in speed, intensity, and style as you get stronger! 

These courses are for people who need to increase their physical activity, but already have their nutrition and lifestyle habits under control.

For the person who wants to begin at the beginning and go ALL IN with a NEW workout challenge EVERY DAY for the next 90 days! If you get bored quickly and you're SUPER COMMITTED to working out SIX DAYS a WEEK - this 90-Day Challenge is for YOU!

For the person who wants to go from COUCH to CONFIDENT quickly, yet allow a little more time to adapt to each training level and focus on mastering each workout format before moving on to the next. If you're committed to working out 3-6 days every week and want to ENJOY a 6-month journey, this super fun plan is JUST RIGHT! 

Are you IN IT to WIN IT? SLOW and STEADY WINS THE RACE!! If you want to pace yourself a bit more and stay motivated by creating workout habits that stick for LIFE, you'll ENJOY this program! You'll get 3 new workouts every 2 weeks so that you can workout 3-6 times a week as you get familiar with the moves and feel yourself getting stronger and more fit. PERFECT! 




Go beyond the workouts and TAKE CONTROL of your HEALTH for good. Practice science-based behavior change strategies for managing stress, eating healthier, and staying motivated with the SUPPORT you've been craving. 

This online PowerLiving 101 course is for everyone who has tried everything and is ready to change their lifestyle habits to avoid disease and get in the BEST HEALTH of their lives!

Do you have a wedding, class reunion, or special event coming up and you need to take total control of your health and body in a BIG HURRY? Lose weight and get in shape QUICK with this comprehensive totally immersive 90-day health and fitness ULTIMATE EXTREME!

Take this transformation challenge if the GOLDILOCKS workout challenge sounds good - but you're ready for MORE! More nutrition, more help with stress, strategic planning, staying motivated, eating better, and changing those lifestyle habits for improved health, cleaner blood, and weight loss that stays off for good this time!!

If you're ready to TAKE CONTROL of your health and you have 50-100+ pounds that you need to lose in order to prevent disease and premature death, this is the life-changing moment you've been looking for. Turn your HEALTH and your LIFE around with habit-changes that can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE. Start TODAY and your tomorrows can be better than you might dare to dream. 

Don't Know Where to Start?


Because it's more than a journey, and as challenging and exciting as climbing your personal Mt Everest! All of the TOTAL TRANSFORMATION PLANS include the Workout Adventure, healthy eating strategies, stress management tools for YOUR SUCCESS - and you get access to EVERY amazing TREK for LIFE! 


And What's a TREK?

You're about to embark on the most important EXPEDITION of your life! 

A "TREK" is a tough hike out in the wilderness or forest or rough terrain that's challenging, yet beautiful, rewarding, and done for pleasure, adventure, and accomplishment. On this Expedition, you'll go on 25 TREKS that will push you, challenge you, and help you see the beauty and power of YOU every step along the way. 


There are three "LEGS" in your Expedition: LIVE HEALTHY; LIVE FIT; and LIVE YOUR POWER.

Each LEG includes EIGHT TREKS, aka Beautiful Adventures. 

Each TREK includes:

  • MOTIVATION from TeamFearless

  • informative videos on the TREK TOPIC 

  • opportunities to share your successes and challenges

  • encouragement and support from your coach and teammates

  • your incremental workouts that are getting harder as you get stronger

  • fitness tips, advice, form lessons, and how to's that your trainer never told you 

  • a TREK TALK with information, a story, and worksheets to help you strategize and plan your week


"ZOOMINARS" are our special blend of information and inspiration with open office hours to ask your coach any questions, share your concerns, and celebrate your victories! 


Sometimes we all need someone to help us navigate some tricky terrain, carry our burden, or give us a swift kick in the pants to keep us motivated and on track. It's amazing how much harder you'll work to achieve your goals when you know you have a meeting with your Expedition Guide, AKA Your Personal SHERPA.

Hire your Expedition Guide and set up a meeting EVERY WEEK so that you'll have personal accountability, help, and SUPPORT to help you achieve YOUR GOALS and Master Your Mountain. 


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Claim Your POWER!


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