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Calculate Your Healthy Happy Score

Calculate Your Happiness Points from questions 1 - 20. 


For every odd numbered question: 

a. = 1 point

b. = 2 points

c. = 3 points


Total your points, then divide by 5. This will give you a score between 1 and 12. This is a reflection of your happiness level. Take this number and add it to the floor number you picked from question 21. 

Question 21: Give yourself a score between 1 and 12 - 1 point for the basement; 2 points for the first floor, and so on. The penthouse suite is 11 points; and the rooftop garden is 12 points. This score is a reflection of your overall satisfaction with your current life situation. 

Once you've added these two scores together, divide them by 2 to obtain your number from 1 - 12. This number reflects your spirit score and will be combined with your body score to find your health/happiness rank. Please enter these scores below.


SECTION ONE: Happiness Health

For every even numbered question: 

a. = 3 points

b. = 2 points

c. = 1  point

SECTION TWO: BMI and Waist / Height Ratio 

Calculate your BMI by entering your height and weight into the calculator found here​. Once you get your score, find your LEVEL between 1 and 12. To find your Waist:Height ratio, measure your waist in inches, then divide by your height in inches. Find your rank from 1 - 12 on the chart below. Add the number from your BMI rank to the number from your Waist:Height ratio, and divide by 2 to find your Level between 1 and 12 for Section 2. Please enter these scores below.

SECTION THREE: Fitness Scores

Once you have your score for your burpees and backdrops, find your rank. Find the score for your burpees, and then find the score for your backdrops, add them together and then add the score from your functional sit and reach test. Divide all three scores by 3 to get your total from this section. *IF you have medical issues that prevent you from taking the burped/backdrop tests, you may substitute the 1.5 mile run/walk test. The scores are below. For greater accuracy of your score, you may include all four tests, add your rank scores, and divide by 4. Enter these scores below.

Burpees and Backdrops Chart

1.5 Mile Run/Walk Chart

Use this test if you have medical reasons that you cannot complete the burpees and backdrop tests, OR if you'd like to increase the accuracy of your results. The numbers represent the base minutes. For example, if you complete 1.5 miles in 11:33 minutes and you are 30 year old female, your score would be 11. If you are a 60 year old male with a time of 15.45, your score would be 7. The M is for Male; the F is for Female. The numbers in the columns include all of the seconds within that minute. 

Functional Flexibility Test 

How far can you reach with your legs completely straight and your toes pointing straight to the sky,, you reached...

  • Fingertips to knees: 1 point

  • Fingertips to top third of shins: 2 points

  • Fingertips to middle of shins: 3 points

  • Fingertips to lower shins: 5 points

  • Fingertips to ankle bones/toes: 7 points

  • Fingertips to heels (knuckles to toes): 9 points

  • Palms to toes (with feet straight up): 10 points

  • Wrists to toes (with feet straight up): 11 points

  • Forearms to toes (with feet straight up): 12 points

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