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Lose Weight and Get Your Health and Your Confidence Back for Good  

With PowerLiving 101:

This 90 day journey eases you into a program designed to help you:

  • Avoid or reverse preventable diseases, like diabetes or prediabetes

  • Improve your metabolic health, lower your A1C levels, and increase your energy

  • Be confident that you are finally taking control of your life and health

  • Lose weight, start exercising, and ENJOY the journey!


Why This Program?

And why 90 days?  That seems like a long time, especially compared to the other programs that make outrageous claims. Those programs are often designed for someone who just needs to lose a few pounds and they take you from beginner to cross-fitter workouts within a week, not as exercises for prediabetes! They are designed for a quick, temporary fix, not the long term happy, healthy lifestyle that you want.


This is a complete lifestyle makeover that could SAVE your life.


This program goes at YOUR pace and works around YOUR abilities. 


It's designed for those who:

- Have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes

- Were told to exercise and sent off to figure it out on your own

- Are tired of the quick fix promises that have not delivered

- Are sick and tired of trying everything else and are finally ready to take control


We will start out super simple and work our way up. You get a gentle, but effective start. When you move at the pace that is right for you,  you build a habit it and you look forward to. These workouts are gentle on your body and aren't part of the High Intensity Interval Training craze, but by the end your heart rate will be up and you will be sweating. 

Fitness shouldn't be painful, boring, and miserable to be beneficial!

This is not a promise for a perfectly toned beach body in one week. This is not a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change program that helps you make effective changes to your health habits that result in long-term disease prevention. 


I will be there with you every step of the way along this journey. I will teach you everything you need to know to stay safe and healthy on a progressive journey to a better you. Workout with me and you won’t need a personal trainer ever again. Nobody teaches you this stuff, but I will. Personal trainers like to keep you dependent, but that's not my goal, I am teaching independence.



You will learn how to workout CORRECTLY, and you will learn:


- How to start exercising again, and how to do it the right way

- How to eat healthy and how much to eat 

- Which workouts work best for you

-How to exercise to lower your blood pressure

- How to set accurate goals and then accomplish them


 I know that starting to exercise can be hard, both physically and mentally, so I have designed my program to make it an experience that you are not only CAPABLE of completing, but will ENJOY every step of the way. 


My goal is to help you reverse pre-diabetes, lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, A1C and ENJOY your transformational journey.

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Here's What Our Program Can Help You Do:

  • Lower your A1C levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar so that you can help avoid premature death and disease from heart attack, stroke, and/or diabetes...


  • Learn the nutritional basics that produce REAL and lasting results so that you can manage your weight, increase your energy, and look and feel younger than ever before...

  • Learn how to start exercising safely, gain confidence as you accomplish milestone after milestone,  and celebrate your victories as you take back control of your life!



  • Understand the 3 things you need to focus on to achieve your goals

  • Learn the 7 most important benefits to being active

  • Discover how to change your mindset so that you will WANT to workout

  • Find out how hard YOU should be working out during your cardio workouts

  • See what the 8 Essential Habits are and how they will lead to a healthier, happier you

  • Discover the top 5 things your trainer SHOULD have told you

  • Learn the 4 main principles of eating healthy and managing your weight

  • See why we misjudge our caloric intake, and find out how to discover your REAL everyday intake

  • Uncover the REAL reason people don’t workout

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Here's What You Get


This lifestyle change includes easy and simple daily goals for you to accomplish to help you become your healthiest, happiest self!


- Two emails each week as a reminder to workout

- Healthy living inspiration straight to your email

- Access to a monthly calendar with all of your workouts

- Access to a community forum to talk with others going through the same journey as you

- Track your progress and habits with the Lifestyle Tracker


Backed by science and knowledge developed over 30 years by me, a university researcher who was also diagnosed with prediabetes.


​Complete each challenge every day to reveal your happiest, healthiest, FIERCEST self! 




With our customizable program you are able to go at your pace.


PowerLiving 101 is an incremental program designed for those who are just starting to exercise again - aka "beginagainers!" You do not have to worry about getting up and down from the floor and we focus on workouts that get your heart rate up without jumping around or crazy dance moves.


Don't let self doubt or past experiences stop you from reaching your goals! 





Money back guarantee:

If you apply the principles in this course, and you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply contact me directly to request your full refund. 



Exclusive App and Content: Priceless!


​Join now and receive our BONUS COURSE: 


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