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Did you just get diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes?


I have created a complete lifestyle makeover program that could SAVE your life.


This program goes at YOUR pace and works around YOUR abilities. 


It's designed for those who:​


  • Were told to eat better + exercise and sent off to figure it out on your own

  • Are tired of the quick fix promises that have not delivered

  • Are willing to do the work it takes to get off your medication, and get healthy

  • Are sick of trying everything else and are finally ready to take control of your life


Introducing... Power Living 

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Introducing... Power Living 101!!

Here's what this program can help you do:

  • Lower your A1C levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar so that you can help avoid premature death and disease from heart attack, stroke, and/or diabetes...


  • Learn the nutritional basics that produce REAL and lasting results so that you can manage your weight, increase your energy, and look and feel younger than ever before...

  • Learn how to start exercising safely, gain confidence as you accomplish milestone after milestone,  and celebrate your victories as you take back control of your life!

This is NOT an empty promise that you can get a perfectly toned beach body in one week.


This is NOT a quick fix. 


This IS a lifestyle change program that helps you make effective changes to your health habits that result in long-term disease prevention. 

Don’t you want to be around to see your grandchildren grow up and have families of their own?


Don’t you want to be able to actually enjoy your retirement?


Don’t you want to be one of those people in their 90’s that looks like they are in their 60’s??


I don’t know about you, but I sure DO!! 


Here's What You Get

  • Habit-Check Challenges

    Each new session will inspire you and keep you on track with new habit-changing challenges. By completing each challenge, you will learn things like how to properly portion your meals, consistently track your habits, and the importance of understanding calories in vs. calories out. You will get checklists outlining exactly what to do each day to be successful in the program including workouts, participating in the forum, habit tracking, and inspirational reading.

  • Nutrition

    Learn how to LOVE eating better! Every week we'll focus on a new aspect of our eating habits as we learn all about nutrition.  You will learn what to eat, what NOT to eat, and why! You will learn tips and tricks to make things easier over time. You will get a chance to apply all the principles you will learn as you go through the 90 day program.

  • Workouts

    Finally - a comprehensive workout program that actually starts at the beginning. Coach Phillips takes you on a workout journey from couch to confident - literally starting out with workouts in her onesie in her easy chair at home. You will learn to exercise with proper form and technique to protect your back and knees, and as you get stronger the workouts will get more challenging to match your progress.  Better than a personal trainer, Tami actually teaches you everything you need to know about fitness training so that you can become a Fitness Champ!

  • Lifestyle Tracker

    Over the course of the program you will learn all about the 8 essential habits to a healthier you!  We will track your habits for each category in our Lifestyle Tracker tool.  It comes with a dashboard where you are able to view your progress over time and even rewards you as you go! 

  • Teammates and a Coach who Care about You and Support Your Success

    No more going it alone.  You'll have the support and get feedback from other people going through the same challenges as you are. You will share your experiences, troubleshoot obstacles, and have the accountability you need to stay motivated and on track.

  • Much, Much More...

    I spent the last 30 years developing this program, and teaching it at universities.  It is now in this online format, so you can easily access all the essential components you need to live healthy in one easy-to-access and easy-to-implement program. Some of the extra added perks to enjoy are:


    • Health and Fitness Assessments so that you can see and celebrate your progress

    • Focus on taking control of the Eight Essential Habits for a Healthier Happier YOU

    • Motivational videos and tips and tricks to help you stay focused and on track

    • A focus on learning how to set and achieve meaningful GOALS

    • Support from teammates and a coach who are rooting for you and supporting you every step of the way



Why This Program?

And why a full year? While we do have shorter programs, the full year Lifestyle Change Transformation is our most popular and most effective program for long-term sustainable change. If you're serious about losing weight and keeping it off; if you're committed to reducing the amount of medication you're on and taking back control of your health, then you'll have the very best success when you commit to making this the most transformational and worthwhile time of your life.

Let's face it - every year it gets harder to keep the weight off and to keep our numbers in check. If you put this off, you might pay for that decision with a diminished quality of life. You deserve more. 


This is a complete lifestyle makeover that could quite literally SAVE your life, and definitely improve the quality of it!


This program goes at YOUR pace and works around YOUR abilities. 


Fitness doesn't have to be painful, boring, and miserable to be beneficial!


Weight loss programs don't provide you with the workout instruction that you need to take control of your health.


PowerLiving 101 includes an incremental workout program that takes you step-by-step with an experienced and knowledgable Exercise Physiologist who will be your Personal Trainer as you learn proper form and technique to protect your knees and back, and introductory sessions for over 10 different workout formats.


Most workout programs have you doing too much to soon and leave you feeling frustrated and defeated instead of EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT. The workouts in PowerLiving 101 actually start sitting down in an easy chair! What?!? YUP. Let's begin and the beginning. 


You won't believe it until you experience it for yourself. If you don't love it, there's no risk for trying it. If you follow the program as it's laid out, and you don't experience any positive benefits from it, we will refund every penny.  

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​Tami Lynn Phillips

Hi, Coach Phillips here, and I've spent the last 30 years compiling research on weight loss, health, and disease prevention while teaching a variety of fitness, health and physical education classes at the University level and at local health clubs


My focus has been on finding out what works for people who manage to successfully turn their health around, reverse diabetes, or lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

What did I discover? A lot of people are overweight and at risk for disease and are looking for help, but the solutions that are being offered rarely rely on the science of what works - and instead offer quick-fixes or incomplete solutions that are ineffective, incomplete, or impossible. So I've created a truly life-transforming, comprehensive program that helps people lose weight and reclaim their health by focusing on the whole person - MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. 

And even though I teach fitness and health, those sneaky little numbers like weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol can creep right up on ya when you're not looking!

I know what it's like! A few years back I was under a lot of stress and my numbers sky-rocketed out of control. My weight and my numbers all went up, and I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Of course my doctor put me on medication, but the side-effects were too much. I was achy all over and felt totally discouraged. 

So I got to work - doing this very program! I changed my eating habits, the type of workouts I was doing, and learned to manage my stress. Even though I had been working out consistently - neither working out nor diet alone are enough. They are each just one piece of the puzzle - and you need every single piece to come together for you to achieve the beautiful happy healthy life you deserve.

I've put the puzzle together for you: Step-by-step workouts that are actually doable, plus motivation, nutrition tips and tricks for success, stress-reducing strategies, and the ongoing support you need to stay focused and on track. Not only will know where and how to get started, but how to change your lifestyle habits one by one until you are effortlessly living a healthy lifestyle that you ENJOY! 

PowerLiving 101 is a comprehensive, full-steam-ahead expedition that will TRANSFORM your health and your LIFE. 


AND the best part is, it is FUN (and you get to workout every day with ME 🤗)

How it Works

The 12-month program is split into three 4-month sections:

- Live Healthy

- Live Fit

- Live Your Power


The Live Healthy phase is a focus on getting started in the right direction.  The workouts literally start off in an easy-chair and progress into low-impact cardio and introduction to muscular conditioning with hand-held weights (dumbbells). The workouts are short, easy to follow, focus on form and technique, and don't involve a lot of getting up and down off the ground. 


The Live Fit phase takes your training from getting healthy to getting FIT. The intensity gets a little harder and the workouts get a little longer. But you're ready for it now - cuz you've already been in training! We start adding timed intervals and body-weight exercises, pick up the tempo and the moves a bit and things get even more interesting! Throughout this program you are always encouraged to find the workouts you LOVE and the intensity that feels RIGHT for you. So if you love the Live Healthy workouts, you can keep doing those if you'd rather! Progress at your own speed.

Live Your Power is the final phase of your expedition and takes your training up another notch. We never get Cross-Fit Crazy, but we do adding some additional super-fun workout styles to the line-up! You'll get introduced to Cardio Kickboxing, and take those workouts to the speed-round! 


Let's Close the Gap

There seems to be a GIANT CHASM between being "inactive" and the super-fit gym scene. 


PowerLiving 101 provides the stepping-stones for you to get you to the other side of that fitness chasm. Once you complete THIS program, you'll have the tools and the training to maintain your new lifestyle on your own. BUT for those of you who WANT to get into CrossFit, or run a marathon, or just go to the gym without feeling intimated. In fact, you'll know more about fitness training than most of the Personal Trainers in that gym. 

You'll be able to walk in there - head held high, confidence brimming and NAIL your workout like a pro.  (you're welcome 😊)



I know what you are going through... 

I was there too.

It happened so fast. I was perfectly healthy at one check-up, and at the next one I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes! AACK!


Life happens. Stress, less than optimal nutritional habits, and not enough physical activity can lead any of us into weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar... and BOOM 



Lucky for me, I'd spent a good 20 years researching what makes weight loss work, what happens to our blood on good nutrition, and how to avoid disease. My turn to apply that knowledge!



I was able to turn my health around with this exact program that I'm sharing with you, and you can too!!






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