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What if you could go from COUCH to CONFIDENT after your Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis? 


Why PowerLiving 101

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PowerLiving101 is a progressive program that literally takes you from the couch in your pajamas and grows with you until you are your most confident, healthiest, happiest YOU!

We don't make unrealistic claims or outrageous promises. We recognize that lifestyle change is hard work and we are there to support you EVERY step of the way! 

PowerLiving goes at YOUR pace and works within YOUR abilities. People of every size, shape, ability and fitness level will be successful in this program!

This is a complete lifestyle makeover challenge that could SAVE YOUR LIFE. 

PowerLiving is not just another a quick fix gimmick. It is a comprehensive lifestyle transformation journey that helps you improve your diet and nutrition, and helps you to love being physically active with a COMPLETE LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER!


I will be your GUIDE as we travel this journey TOGETHER. I will be your Trainer, your Nutritional Advisor, and Your Health Habit Specialist so that THIS time, IT WORKS!!

Together, we'll navigate common pitfalls, learn tips and tricks for eating healthy, and we'll make moving FUN again! You've Got This!

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Lifestyle Guide:


Learn How Living Fit and Healthy can be FUN and REWARDING, instead of boring, painful, and miserable. 

We've Got YOU!

I'm Ready to Take Control of My Life!

I know what you are going through... let’s get through it TOGETHER!

If you're dealing with a new Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Almost half of Americans ore obese or overweight, and nearly 40% have prediabetes or diabetes. Of that 40%, nearly 1 in 4 aren't even aware that they are at RISK! 

When I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes it was quite the shock! I had gained weight, my blood pressure was getting higher, my cholesterol levels were going up, and my blood sugars were getting out of control. My doctor put me on medication and the side-effects were just too much. So I started finding more positive ways to deal with my stress, and got my diet and physical activity back on track. 

10 years later, I am healthier and more fit than ever. And I'm loving every minute of it! I am more confident, I've lost weight, and I feel great! Let me help you get your life back too!

I want to help you turn your life around – with the knowledge, motivation, and support that will guide you on your journey to become healthier and happier than EVER.

 You don’t have to go it alone. 

Let’s do it together – I’ve got you! 


You Can! 

PowerLiving101 helps you to take control of your health habits one small step at a time so that you can make LARGE changes that last a LIFETIME. 

  • Avoid or reverse preventable disease such as diabetes or prediabetes

  • Improve your metabolic health, lower your A1C levels, and increase your energy

  • Gain confidence as you take control of your health

  • Lose weight, start exercising, and ENJOY your journey! 

Why PowerLiving

The only Lifestyle Change Program of it's kind for Mind, Body & Spirit

What You Get

Discover all of the ways PowerLiving will help you achieve your GOALS

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The Program

PowerLiving is  created from 30 years of research, experience, and passion!

What You Get

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The Program

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