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Lose Weight and Get Your Health and Your Confidence Back for Good  

With PowerLiving 101:
a Powerful Habit-Changing Life-Saving 
Step-by-Step Guided Course

The problem is that diets don't work and exercise can be boring, miserable, and hard to stick with. 

And it's easier to come up with an excuse than to come up with a plan. 

How many times have you tackled a new diet or fitness program…  

…only to run out steam, lose focus, and eventually give up?


It happens to all of us, and it’s a real shame. We end up spinning our wheels, beating ourselves up, and get no closer to attaining our biggest, most important health and fitness goals.


Even worse, we may start to believe that maybe we just don’t have the grit and determination we need to really achieve the health and happiness we deserve.  


But that’s just not true. 

The truth is that it takes more than just "eat less, move more."


It takes a true desire and deep commitment to dig into not only the what to do, but the WHY and the HOW.  

Learn all about the WHY and the HOW with this FREE

"Diabetes and Exercise"

7-Day Jump Start


The best time to Reverse Prediabetes is now so that you can live your best, most productive, most enjoyable life!

Making healthy lifestyle choices is associated with a 90% drop in risk of developing chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Medication is only 20-30 % effective. 

Changing your lifestyle habits can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE.

NOTE: You don't HAVE to get down on the floor EVER if you don't WANT to


Getting your physical activity minutes every day should be something you look forward to! Not something you dread and "force" yourself to do even though you hate it! 

With this FREE 7-Day Course, you'll get to try out seven different workout formats with a new and exciting workout challenge every day! 

Who knew working out could be SO MUCH FUN?

You're about to find out! 

Start with this FREE 7-Day Jump Start to learn more about diabetes, and to experience SEVEN New and Exciting Workout Formats!

GOOD NEWS - You CAN REVERSE prediabetes and prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes by lowering your A1C blood sugar levels through physical activity and healthy nutrition - and you don't have to do it alone!

You'll Learn: 

  • What causes Prediabetes?

  • Signs and Symptoms 

  • Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

  • How to Reverse Prediabetes and

  • Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

  • How Physical Activity Help Reverse Prediabetes and Control Diabetes

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couple walking.png

Experience Seven New and Exciting Workout Formats and Discover Workouts YOU LOVE!

  • Proper form abdominal exercises so you can achieve maximal results 

  • Proper form and technique for protecting your back and knees

  • Learn how to tone every muscle group with hand weights

  • Pilates workouts

  • Flowmotion - exclusive STANDING ONLY workouts to make it easy on backs and knees

  • Stair Aerobics / Low Impact Cardio

  • Old School Dance Cardio

  • Core and More Interval Workouts

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Abdominal Workouts

You'll find ways that YOU LOVE to BE active so that you can STAY active and healthy for a lifetime! 

I know what it's like. At age 45 I was diagnosed with prediabetes and had high cholesterol and high blood pressure - heading straight into Metabolic Disease. I started eating better and exercising more and managed to get my numbers back under control and get OFF of all medication. Now I'm 56 and in the best shape of my life. 
(well, since I was in my 20's anyway!) 




Start TODAY!

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