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Feel like you've tried everything?

Are you looking for a way to make healthier choices, to find deeper happiness, to feel better about yourself, or maybe even to lose some weight and have more energy? 

Have people been trying to get you to start a diet or to workout more? You've tried all their suggestions - you've starved yourself, you've tried working out - you've tried what seems like everything but you're still struggling with your weight, with your self-confidence, and feeling insecure about your future or about fitting in?

It's time for YOU to take control

You can take control of your own lifestyle choices TODAY. It might feel like everyone else controls you. Like you don't have the power or knowledge or ability to change what you eat, or when or how you get more active. Sometimes you might even sabotage yourself as a way to feel like you are the one in control. For example, if your parents don't allow sweets you might sneak candy and junk food when they don't know about it. Or you might even go to the opposite extreme and eat too little to the point of being unhealthfully thin. Stop allowing other people control your health and happiness. Claim it for yourself!

Small Manageable Steps

Whatever your circumstance or situation - you've come to the right place to connect with others on a mission to live healthier and to make better choices. One small step at a time. Increase your health, your confidence, and your happiness. When you join MyHealthyHappySelf, you'll receive daily emails with information and challenges to help inspire you and keep you on track. When you're ready to GAME IT UP, take the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge and you'll experience motivation and support on a whole new level.

Get Connected. Get Support! 

It's tough being a teen. Join a community where you can share your struggles with people who can offer help without judgment. When you come on board, you're family. This family is all positive all the time. We are there to help each other out and hold each other up. You'll have access to our members-only Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, and communicate with coaches and other members. It's the perfect way to get connected with people you can relate to! 

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