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TRIBES Licensing Agreement Addendum

TRIBES Fitness

  1. Tribe Leaders must be Certified or have a Kinesiology degree, and a minimum of 3 months of experience. CPR certification required. We do background checks on all Tribe Leaders. Tribe leaders must complete a TRIBES Licensing and training program which covers fitness assessments, biomechanics, contraindicated exercises, common workout myths and misconceptions, nutritional best practices, marketing strategies, and business policies, waivers, insurance, etc. 

  2. Tribe Leaders pay $139 to get started - this covers the training, personal web page, and payment processing setup. Ongoing payments are $29 per month plus $5 per tribe member. The $29 covers licensing for brand use, promotional fund, payment processing*, and upkeep of your web page. If you do not want a personal web page, the starter cost is $69, with a subscription of $19 per month. The $5 per member covers MyLifestyleTracker software, their daily PEP talks and the private Facebook group. If your members want to be part of the SWAG program, the cost is $15 per month per member (the upcharge per member should be $20-$30 per month). The swag program rewards milestones with tokens, buttons, t-shirts, stickers, and other cool items. If not part of the swag program, members have the option to purchase specific products as they are earned. Fitness Pros may sell TRIBES swag for additional income.

  3. Payment processing: Payments are processed through the TRIBES website if desired. You pay $5.50 per client that is part of the TRIBES system. We deduct the $5.50 for clients who sign up via TRIBES, and invoice you for clients that you add to your group. 

  4. Tribe Leaders who are not certified, or who are interested in growing their membership more gradually may offer TRIBES workouts as Volunteers for up to three months. During these three months they are encouraged to get certified. As long as the memberships for clients are free, the membership to TRIBES is free for the coach. Start-up cost is only $30, with $99 due after three months, or when the coach begins to charge for workouts. All TRIBES coaches must sign a non-compete for a minimum of 3 years. 

  5. Tribe Leaders each have their own web page to post their photos, tell their story and talk about their tribe(s). Workout times or anything else the Tribe Leader would like to post can be put up on the page. One edit per month is included in the monthly dues, and may include schedule updates, story updates, and/or bio updates. If the website needs a second update, it is $20 for each additional round of content changes. Most communication with members will take place in the Facebook Group.

  6. URL. You may forward any URL to your webpage. You will have your own unique URL that you can put on your business cards, but your own URL may also be directed to your personal page. 

  7. Tribe Leaders must clearly define their tribes as to location, type of workout to be expected, and type of client that would feel welcome in that tribe. For example, I may have one tribe for seniors, and another tribe for teens. I will clearly define each tribe and list the meeting times and locations on my web page. Or perhaps I have a Zumba tribe and a Pilates tribe. I will list all of my workout groups as individual tribes, or if I want to I can have one tribe with variety and all of my members can go to all of my workouts. Its up to each individual trainer. 

  8. The public will be able to view trainers from our Fitness Pro Gallery. Members may join any trainer, and may change trainers at any time. 

  9. TRIBES recommends that all clients begin with our Healthy & Happy fitness assessments, which give a quick insight into the mindset and fitness level of each client. Based on a battery of fitness tests, each member is given a "level" from which they attempt to LEVEL UP each month. When they achieve a level change, they'll receive some cool swag to show off their accomplishments. If they're part of the Swag Program, they'll receive an "I Leveled Up" t-shirt in the mail. As members achieve specific milestones, they'll receive various awards. 

  10. Membership fees are determined by the individual coaches and will vary by programs offered. Recommended TRIBES rates range from $30 for a walking club to $50 or up to $90 per month, but are determined by the individual Coach. It is recommended that each program is a 4-week (1 month) progressive full-body workout program crafted to take participants to the next level. Trainers must know how to modify intensity as well as how to increase the intensity so that all participants will receive a safe and effective workout. TRIBES Fitness reserves the right to evaluate and audit all Tribes workouts for safety. 

  11. Tribe rate recommendation for small group training: $5 per hour of training per month (minimum). You should charge what you are worth based on your experience, education, and personalized service. The prices below are merely a starting point for you to begin to think through your services and fees. 

    • 1 workout offered per week: $20 / month

    • 2 workouts offered per week: $40 / month

    • 3 workouts offered per week: $60 / month

    • 4 workouts offered per week: $80 / month

    • 5 or more workouts offered per week: $99 / month

    • Drop In rate: $10 - $20 per workout

BENEFITS to Trainers / Coaches

  1. Provide their clients with accountability, inspiration, and support

  2. Their clients will receive weekday PEP talks - a great source for daily workout discussions and Facebook follow-up

  3. Their clients will benefit from accountability with MyLifestyleTracker software

  4. Incentive Fitness will motivate and inspire clients and give trainers a tool to help keep clients on track

  5. Client retention and success increases 

  6. Coaches can see the areas in which their clients are living healthy and where they are struggling so that coaches know which issues need to be improved so that their clients can be more successful.

  7. When clients are more successful, coaches enjoy greater member retention. 

  8. When clients are successful and motivated, they will give better reviews and tell their friends.

  9. When you treat your clients like family, you boost their confidence. In life, the person with the most confidence wins. 

  10. When you build up your client's confidence, they'll appreciate you and thank you for life. It's not just about fitness of body, but of mind and spirit. 

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