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The Metabolic 

Eating Plan


Welcome to the Science-Based Meta Diet*

Weight Loss and Disease Prevention Eating Strategy 


Change Your Lifestyle, SAVE Your LIFE.


Follow the 5x3 Eating Strategy: 

Eat 5 mini-meals per day, at 3 hour intervals.

Here are your Three Rules for Healthy, Fast, Effective, Science-based, Long-term Weight Loss Explained: 

  1. For most women who struggle with weight maintenance or weight loss, 250 calories per mini-meal is about right. If you have a nice fast metabolism, lots of muscle, you'll need to up that number. You can check out your recommended MAGIC Number for weight loss by downloading this pdf.

  2. Eat Your MAGIC number of calories 5x per day (that was 300 calories in our example)

    • Eat a mini-meal EVERY THREE HOURS with zero calories in between 

    • Include a lean protein source and plants (healthy carbs) with each mini-meal

    • Don't cut out foods you enjoy - "everything in moderation" is our motto!

    • If you mess up and eat too much at one time, be aware of what you're doing, make it a choice (take control) and SAVOR every bite. Then wait three hours and GET BACK ON TRACK! Don't guilt yourself, don't starve yourself. Just get back at it!  

  3. Get active at least 30 minutes a day with the 90smart workout challenge! Find workouts you ENJOY! If you love walking or running, focus on that.  

Are YOU Ready to CRUSH this Challenge?


THIS time you WILL succeed because you'll have the support you need!

If you've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, you CAN reverse it with a healthy diet and regular exercise. In fact, medication is only 20-30% effective at preventing chronic disease whereas healthy lifestyle choices can be 90% effective!  

The Metabolic Eating Plan is science-based approach to weight loss that seems simple, but involves Lifestyle Change from the inside out. If you'd like to go beyond "the MAGIC Formula" and enjoy more support, join the FIRST 90 online course. It makes all the difference.


YOU know it's about more than knowing WHAT to do. It's about support, camaraderie, and getting your mind right so that your health will follow.

When you're ready to commit, I'll be right by your side every step of the way! 


*The Meta Diet. Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved. 

You Know the Formula. 

Here's Why It Works.

  • FAT STORES: No matter how much you eat, it will be digested and either used as energy or stored as fat within 3 hours. Any calories that aren't used up for energy during those three hours will be locked up in your fat storage areas. NOTE: It is much harder to get "energy" (aka calories) out of your fat stores once they're stored. By eating smaller amounts more frequently, you'll burn more calories, and store less calories as fat. 

  • METABOLISM: Our bodies are super smart. When we deprive them of calories for a large part of the day (fasting state), then our bodies think we are literally starving. Our bodies don't know the difference between running out of food in the wilderness vs. intentional fasting. In order to prolong life when we are in dire situations, our bodies become extremely "energy efficient" and burn calories at a SLOWER rate (NOT the goal). When your body knows that it's going to get a new energy supply every few hours then it burns up that energy more freely.

  • BINGE EATING/POOR FOOD CHOICES: When we go too long without food and get super hungry, it becomes difficult to make good food choices. We tend to grab whatever is close by and fast and easy. By planning to eat every 3 hours, you are much more likely to make healthy choices.

  • BLOOD SUGAR:  By eating a mini-meal with protein balance every three hours (instead of starving and snacking), you keep your blood sugar at a more even keel. This will help you regulate your blood sugars if you have diabetes, and will help you prevent diabetes if you don't. Most of us are insulin resistant LONG before pre-diabetes even shows up. Insulin resistance leads to stubborn weight gain and then accelerates our path to disease.

  • ENERGY LEVELS: Research shows that if you just eat carbs or just eat protein for a meal or snack, your energy levels will dip and you will feel sluggish and tired. In order to have more consistent energy throughout the day, combine a lean protein with some healthy carbs (fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts, legumes). You'll be feeling stronger and more energetic throughout the whole day!

  • MUSCLE BUILDING and MAINTAINING: New research shows that when you eat protein throughout the day in 3-hour intervals, you BUILD muscle more effectively AND you LOSE muscle more slowly. Sarcopenia is a serious issue that hits people as they get older, but can be prevented by staying strong throughout your life! 

  • IT WORKS. Give it a go. Don't ever eat LESS than your Magic Number of calories, and if you lose weight TOO FAST be sure to add a few calories to each mini-meal.   

But here's the thing. It's pretty easy to eat less and move more in theory. Making it stick and changing your old unhealthy habits into new healthy habits takes MORE than a formula (even if it is the BEST formula EVER).


You need community and expert support, motivation, and more information on HOW to eat healthy, HOW to workout safely and effective, HOW to plan for success, and HOW to implement your personal strategy so that you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW. 

Why Is It Called the META Diet? 

  • METAbolism - Keep your metabolism revved up and burning calories at the fastest rate possible;

  • METAbolic Disease Prevention - Metabolic Disease is on the rise. The Meta-Diet will help you to avoid or reverse Metabolic Disease;

  • METAmorphosis: You'll transform yourself into a healthier happier YOU!

  • META = Self Awareness. The Meta-Diet is a personal eating plan that allows each individual to create and enjoy their own style. 

Get Support! 

You don't have to go it alone.


Join POWERLIVING 101 and get the support you've been craving. 

What is POWER LIVING? It's a complete lifestyle transformation program that includes ALL of the pieces to the puzzle - motivation, strategy, nutrition, workouts, behavior change, and support from your teammates and coach... it's all in there!

The hard part isn't knowing what to do - it's knowing HOW to do it and having a team of people supporting you on your journey.

POWER LIVING is based on proven science and a behavior change system that gives you the information and tools you need to change your habits, change your thinking, and change your life for good. 

The KEY: You've got to WANT it. Do it for your health. Do it so that you can have more energy and enjoy your life more. Do it because YOU'RE WORTH IT. 


You've Got This!

I'm Ready to Live

My Best Life!

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