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Rock It Off is a small group training total fitness program that keeps your body tight and toned! Train with motivational music from all eras as you circuit, bootcamp, HIIT, and interval your body to be its best BEAST self. 
Keep your body rocking 
(and get a rockin' body) with this total body workout!

NOT your typical bootcamp! B4 Workouts are carefully crafted by an Exercise Physiologist to make sure every exercise is effective, comfortable, and SAFE for your knees and back. 

Rock It Off

fitness workouts for that rockin' bod!

  • warm-ups and cool-downs
  • varying intensities for every fitness level
  • lose fat and get toned with cardio and resistance training
  • led by certified fitness professionals
  • learn proper exercise form and technique
  • prevent disease, lose weight, increase energy, feel great!

Get Certified to Lead Your Own "Rock It Off" Fitness Clubs! 

Course Includes: 
  • Selecting Motivational Music 
  • Class Formats: 
    • HIIT​ / Tabata
    • Circuits / Bootcamps
    • Intervals
    • Athletic Drills
  • Form and Training Fundamentals
  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Working with Weights
  • Getting Your Clubs Started
Workshops Available Soon
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