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Before you register for MyLifestyleTracker(.com), select your TRIBE! You'll use your Tribe Number when you set up your Tracker account. 


If you have a Tribe Leader (you signed up with an organization or group) your leader will have your Tribe Name and Number.


If you are not with an organization, welcome to our family! You get to pick your tribe by selecting the element that best fits your personality. Learn more about the element descriptions HERE. Short version...

  • Earth: Practical, logical, hardworking, welcoming and warm.

  • AIR: Logical, solution-oriented, big picture vision, easily distracted.

  • FIRE: Forceful, warm, likable, and life of the party. 

  • WATER: Emotional, caring, compassionate and relates well with others.


What's your WARRIOR Name? You can register for the TRACKER and the FORUM with your Warrior Name so that you can: 

  • Participate anonymously if you want to. This is great for students or a work environment where you might prefer to keep your thoughts and habits private, while still participating honestly and openly.

  • Feel empowered by adopting a name that is strong, powerful, and reflects your inner fighter! Identify as the fierce warrior that you ARE!

With your tribe, you can enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team as you compete for points and your place on the leaderboard! 


While you might have a hard time making healthy decisions on your own, you'll find inspiration when you know your team is counting on you!


We always have your back with encouragement and support. No judgment. Only acceptance, friendship, motivation, and encouragement.


You don't have to go it alone anymore. We've got your back!


EARTH Tribe Number



AIR Tribe Number



FIRE Tribe Number



WATER Tribe Number


Get Moving with Everyday
Workouts for Everyday People! 


Note: NOT Perfect Workouts for Perfect People! 
(our focus is on Progress not Perfection)

You'll enjoy having Everyday Workouts delivered straight to your email, and when you're ready to take it outside get walking, jogging, or running!

Did you know that biggest health improvement come when you go from sedentary to WALKING? 


Walk anywhere! Walk the mall, the park, around your neighborhood, even in place!

The key is to keep moving and accumulate a minimum of 150 minutes per week.

You've Got This!


We help you tap into your inner warrior! 

(Even if that warrior has been stuck to the couch for awhile) 


This is YOUR time to go from weakling to WARRIOR!

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