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PowerLiving 101 for Educators


Are you a teacher or group leader? The transition to virtual learning can be a real challenge for students and educators alike. We found that part of the challenge for students was finding the motivation to keep up with online course-work. PowerLiving101 is a comprehensive Physical Education / Physical Activity / Disease Prevention course that is delivered straight to the INBOX of everyone in your course! 

PowerLiving 101 includes:

  • Course lessons delivered straight to students’ inboxes every Monday and Wednesday

  • Lessons include nutrition and fitness basics - using downloadable pdf worksheets developed by the CDC to live healthy and prevent disease (T2 prevention starts with children - BEFORE bad habits become a lifestyle). See Course Curriculum

  • Everyday Workouts for Everyday People progressive fitness workouts that teach form and technique, target heart rates and intensity, cardio vs muscular conditioning with workouts for both, with over 100 workout videos in our video library. 

  • An exclusive, members-only community forum where students can interact with others in the course 

  • A Lifestyle Tracker where students keep track of the 8 Essential Habits for a Healthier Happier Life - research based habits that only take 30 seconds a day to track. And YOU get admin access to see all of their accounts. Plus, each student gets their own weekly and monthly reports that they can print and submit as they earn points and badges for their success. BIGGEST BONUS: YOU are the administrator of your own classes and can see and track each student’s activity! 

  • Optional weekly support meetings via Zoom


To get started, simply contact us by sending an email to for your custom quote and you can have your course delivered straight to every student's inbox within a week! 

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