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Power Living 101 

How It Works

Power Living 101 is a Research-Driven Habit-Changing Health-Improving Course that takes you on a Transformational Journey from Weakling to Warrior!   

Are you Ready to Get Healthier and Happier in MIND, BODY & SPIRIT?

Ready to make a change to get healthier and get in shape but don't know where to start? Power Living 101 takes all the guesswork out if it so that you can take small steps towards HUGE results in your daily nutrition and exercise routines! We understand that while one thing works for one person, something else might work better for you. 

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Power Living 101 is a Multifaceted Program

PowerLiving 101 provides social connection, inspiration, a comprehensive and progressive workout program, and an online habit tracker to help you establish healthier, disease-preventing daily choices and goal setting in the eight essential habits for a healthier happier life so that YOU can find what works for you and keeps you motivated!

Power Living 101 Delivers! (Literally)

Right to your inbox! Staying on track and focused with online courses can be a high hurdle for many learners. When you initiate the Power Living 101 Challenge, you will receive your challenges directly to your email twice a week.​ Every email challenge includes the Four Corners as illustrated below with tips, motivation, and instructions for your weekly goals in each of these areas. Click the graphic boxes to access sample content. Every email connects these Four Corner graphic links with your new Challenges! 

To avoid diabetes and other preventable diseases, the time to start is NOW. Each challenging includes a PDF health and nutritional download to help with goal-setting and understanding the importance of making healthy choices.

-Curriculum Content- 

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Every lesson includes a video playlist from Everyday Workouts for Everyday People with a progressive workout program that emphasizes form, technique, progression, and variety so that people of every size, shape, age, and ability can get moving, build confidence, and achieve results.

The Power Living Community Forum and our weekly Empowerment meetings provide a place for connection and discussion about the week's topic so you can ask questions and share accomplishments! 

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Track your Research-Proven 8 Essential Habits for a healthier, happier life in less than 30 seconds per day with our exclusive online app "MyLifestyleTracker." You'll make better choices when you become more aware of your decisions. You'll be able to track your progress and success by day and by week!  

Every email delivered to your learners includes a brief summary of the day's topics along with the four corner icons as above, each with a link directly to the day's challenges, making it easy, effective, and convenient for them to stay on track and motivated!

Are you a teacher, coach, or program leader? Learn how to set up your FREE account!

How it Works
  • Sign up for your Power Living 101 Plan

  • Set up your Lifestyle Tracker account with your TRIBE CODE, and claim your WARRIOR name.

  • Complete your health and fitness assessments 

  • You'll start getting your emails on Monday! Yay!

  • Read the "readings" and complete the worksheets, and then head on over to the Forum to discuss.

  • Click on the workout link and start getting active!

  • Take 30 seconds a day to track the 8 Essential Habits for a Healthier Happier YOU! 

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Why it Works

Research shows that we all respond to different learning styles.


PowerLiving 101 provides: 

  • progressive, instructional workouts,

  • social connection through zoom and our exclusive Power Living 101 forum,

  • nutritional and activity tips and tricks with checklists and worksheets

  • goal-setting projects and tips  

  • our exclusive Lifestyle habit-tracker

  • Email delivery for increased participant engagement and success

Affordable, Simple, Effective, Life-Altering.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthier Happier Life. 

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When you're fired up and extremely motivated to lose those last 10-30 pounds in 3 months and you're ready to put in the time and energy to really push yourself to change your eating habits and exercise EVERY DAY with a new and exciting workout!  YOU GOTTA WANT IT!!

* 2 TREKS (strategic planning sessions) every week plus a new workout EVERY DAY!!

the GOLDILOCKS Total Transformation's just right! 

With this 6-month expedition, you'll get weekly challenges for behavior-change strategies that result in healthier habits that STICK. You'll get THREE new workouts every week that you can enjoy at your own pace.  

*1 TREK per week plus 3 new workouts each week. Realistic goal: lose 50-60 pounds in six months.

the "Slow and Steady WINS THE RACE!" Expedition
couple biking_edited.jpg

If you are ready to make lasting changes to your health and prevent or reverse chronic preventable disease, THIS is the right pace for YOU. Not only can you lose up to 100 pounds in one year, you will be able to enjoy every step of your journey as you allow each new habit to settle in without feeling rushed. Slow and steady wins the race - EVERY TIME!!

* 1 TREK and 3 new workouts every TWO weeks. 

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EVERY EXPEDITION includes lifetime access to your course and WEEKLY ZOOMINARS with your Lifestyle Sherpa! We focus on tips, tricks, and strategies relating to this week's topic and then have OPEN DISCUSSION time where you can ask your coach any question you have!

You can even book one-on-one meetings with your lifestyle sherpa to help you stay focused, accountable and on track! 

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