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NoWalls Fitness 
is a results-based fitness approach that teaches you
 to achieve whole body benefits from workouts that are intensity and movement appropriate, inspirational, fun, friendly, and effective. Break down your walls so that you can be your very best self! 

NoWalls is Holistic
Restorative Fitness

Fitness Programs that Renew Your Mind, Body and Spirit

​​Exercise is truly the only fountain of youth and the only solution for sustainable weight loss and reduced disease. This program will give you the strength to unleash your inner warrior in an inspirational, empowering environment. 

1 Month Sessions

Each Session is Progressive and Designed for YOUR Success! Different and Exciting Themes Each Month!

Take My Lifestyle Challenge with NoWalls to benefit from  
  • Before and After Fitness Assessments
  • The 8 Essential Habits of a Healthy Happy Life
  • Diet and Nutrition Tips and Strategies
  • Online Coaching and Support
  • Daily Pep Talks and Encouragement
  • Milestone Markers and Awards
  • Super fun full-body, fat-blasting workouts!
  • Live FB Streaming Workout Videos​ Coming Soon
  • First class is always FREE!

One-of-a-Kind Membership


We Celebrate YOUR SUCCESS!!

NoWalls' unique incentive program rewards your attendance and achievements! Earn prizes and unlock cool swag as you reach important milestones towards improved health and fitness. 


You'll work your way through the ranks with you attendance or with your points from MyLifestyleChallenge








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