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Inspiration and Support for a Healthier Happier Life


My Healthy Happy Self 

Inspirational Weekday PEP Talk

Do you want to lose weight?
Feel better?
Have more energy?
Gain mobility?
Prevent or reverse diabetes?
Get stronger and leaner?
Have more stamina?
Look better?
Be more confident?
Live longer and healthier and happier?  
Now you CAN have it all! No GIMMICKS and No "Quick Fixes" just real solutions for REAL people.
Count Me IN!

Find  YOUR Tribe...

I am ready to get healthier and happier with an online TRIBE where I can get inspired, enjoy accountability, and connect with like-minded people - where I can feel welcome, inspired, motivated, accountable, supported, AND have a personal Fitness Pro to help me stay on track!

Tell me more!

...Lead  YOUR Tribe.








Count Me In!

I am ready to lead others on their journey to live healthier and happier. I will facilitate positive behavior change by providing my Tribe with inspiration, accountability, and support. I will help to motivate them, keep them focused and on track, and be there beside them every step of their journey. 

You'll receive daily inspiration from our pep talks, motivation and goal-achievement with our exclusive Lifestyle Tracker, and support and connection through our private FaceBook group. You've got nothing to lose (except maybe some extra weight, potential disease, and bad habits) and a whole new family of fitness friends who are cheering for your success every minute!


Tribe Leaders look out for you and offer motivation, inspiration, and help through the hard times. You'll find the support you need to stay on track - even if you're feeling derailed. With Tribes, your Tribe Leader is your fitness coach, mentor, and guide - helping you to live your healthiest, happiest life. 

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