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My Healthy Happy Self Inspirational E-Newsletter & Private FB Group


Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you at risk for diabetes? Are you struggling to make healthier choices but feel like you're failing day after day? You can enjoy support, motivation, and inspiration every single day! Take control of your life, your health and your happiness! You need to manage your nutrition, your activity level, and your spirit. Hiring a personal trainer, joining a gym, consulting with a nutritionist, joining a weight loss program, hiring a life coach - you can spend thousands of dollars a month!! 

From Weakling to WARRIOR! 

Feeling weak? Most of us have tried time and again to lose weight to be more active, and we've fallen short of our goals. We all know we need to get more active, workout more, and eat more nutritiously. The problem isn't with the knowing, its with the DOING. It's with the knowing WHAT to do and finding the inspiration and motivation to keep doing it. It's with the daily struggles and psychological fatigue that sets in at the end of the week or the end of the day.We struggle NOT because we're weak, but because we need more support! Health clubs are great for the privileged and the thin, but what about the rest of us? Have you ever arrived at the gym and felt lost and confused? Have you felt judged and alone? Did you leave even more discouraged than when you got there? Have you paid a day's wage for an hour of personal training that left you so sore you couldn't move? Have you had someone suggest a completely unrealistic "diet" plan with nothing but boiled chicken and broccoli? Forget all that and take control of your life TODAY! Take it to the next level and join the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge. Learn more...


It's time to stop trying gimmicks and quick fixes and get started on real and meaningful lifestyle changes! Daily motivation and challenges to keep you inspired, a Coach that you can talk to, and exercise and nutrition tips, tricks, and tidbits to aid your success! Finally, a program that isn't a program. It's a lifestyle. People of every age, every ability, every shape and size can participate on their own terms. This is all about finding out what works for YOU. What are some small steps that you can take today that will make your tomorrow better and brighter? 


Join us, and we'll help you find out. Join today to receive MyHealthyHappySelf  newsletter! You'll get inspiration delivered to you daily, and you'll enjoy the support of a group of like-minded people who are all taking steps to live healthier! Learn more...


Find out how happy you are by taking the Healthy Spirit Test, and then test your physical prowess with the Healthy Body Test. These FREE tests will give you insights into just how happy and healthy you are!   You'll earn a LEVEL from 1-12 that is reflective of your current level of fitness and well-being. As you begin making healthier choices, you'll see your LEVEL rise along with your health and happiness!



Try it out for a couple of weeks on us! If you're ready for even more motivational support, take the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge! This exclusive membership is only for people who are serious about getting serious. You will get inspired as you earn points and badges.


After you sign up and complete your tests, you're ready to join the fun! You compete with yourself to climb up the 12 step ladder of Lifestyle Success, and you compete with your teammates to earn points, badges, and prizes!! 

With your Lifestyle Makeover Challenge membership you also get invited to our private Facebook group where you'll interact with your coach and others who are in the same boat as you are, can relate to your struggles, who share their success secrets, and help you celebrate your victories big and small!

If you're thinking about getting in the Lifestyle Makeover game, then your first step is to complete the Healthy Spirit Test. It's just a few quick questions to see how satisfied you are with your current life situation. The next step is your Healthy Body Test  which is a few simple fitness test and some easy measurements. Find out what your Healthy Happy Score is today. These tests are simply a measure of your starting point so that you can see progress and celebrate your achievements and success! YOU'VE GOT THIS!! 

Finally - a program that isn't intimidating or difficult. The focus is on taking small steps today to lead you on the path to a healthier and happier tomorrow. If you can get down on the floor and get back up off of it in one minute, you're on the WARRIOR scoreboard! Are you ready to go from weakling to warrior? It's time to get busy! Do it TODAY so you can stick around for a better tomorrow!! JOIN the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge

Let My Journey Begin!

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