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NoWalls Fitness empowers you to break down your barriers and achieve sustainable lifestyle changes through a holistic, comprehensive support system that strengthens the mind, body, and spirit so that you can live healthier and happier. 


  • Proven results

  • Based on 30 years of research and experience

  • Fun, supportive, inspirational, motivational

  • Set and achieve your fitness and health goals

  • ENJOY your workout time with friends and family

Knocking Down Your Walls

  • Are you ready to live healthier and happier?

  • Do you wish you had the support you needed to be successful and to feel strong and empowered? 

  • Do you wish that you would actually ENJOY working out and being active? 


NoWalls Fitness is not your typical fitness approach. You won't just be thrown into a workout. We teach you proper alignment and biomechanics in our Survival Training introductory workout so that you learn how to protect your knees and back to keep your joints healthy and pain-free for life. We emphasize control and good form for every exercise, and each workout is carefully designed to make sure that it is maximally effective, comfortable for people of all ages, sizes and abilities, and doesn't cause unnecessary strain on the back or knees. We'll teach you common exercise myths and mistakes, and teach you how to overcome the personal barriers that are blocking your success. 

No Walls. No Limits.

There isn't anything like it out there.

You won't believe it until you experience it.


Did you know that the biggest benefit to your health comes from going from inactive to WALKING? You don't need to be miserable to improve your health and stave off disease!  

All NoWalls Workouts are carefully crafted and specifically engineered for maximum results and enjoyment. your workout should be the BEST, most FUN part of your day! If it's not, come on over to NoWalls Fitness for a whole new and enjoyable fitness experience! There are no boundaries and no limits to what YOU can achieve!

Friendship, Fellowship, Fitness, and FUN!

Who knew getting fit could actually be enjoyable?

Walk It Off is group fitness low-impact workout with a focus on getting those steps in with easy-to-follow moves. This training program is designed for you to get a full body workout that is fun, friendly, and effective. Join or start a club today! 

Looking for fun friendly enjoyable fitness?

With NoWalls we laugh and play our way to better health and break down the barriers preventing you from being your best self so that you can be healthier and happier than ever before. 

Need some inspiration and support?

With NoWalls we inspire fun with social engagement, positive support, motivation and variety. Every session is progressive, innovative, and super fun! 

NoWalls workouts are fun, friendly, effective, and rewarding for everybody of every shape, size, age, and ability level.  

No Walls. No Limits. 

Be Your Best Self. Start Today.


Shake It Off is a cardio training program gone old school! Reminiscent of days gone by with Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, combined with a Zumba style delivery, this program is low-impact, simple to follow, super fun, and provides a heart-healthy calorie-shredding workout that is as exciting as it is effective!

Here are Just a Few of the NoWalls Workouts

Rock Hard is a total fitness training workout that keeps your body tight and toned! Train with motivational music from all eras as you circuit, bootcamp, HIIT, and interval your body to be it's best BEAST self. Keep your body rocking (and get a rockin'  bod) with this class! 

NoWalls is a results-based group training approach designed for fun, friendly people to get full body workouts that are intensity and movement appropriate for people of every age, shape, size, and ability level, and is inspirational, fun, friendly, and effective. Personalized training without the Personal Trainer price.


No Walls. No Limits. 

No excuses.

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