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My Healthy Happy Self!

Live Healthy. . .

Be Happy!

for Your Mind, Body and Spirit
Now you can get the support, inspiration, motivation, and strength you need to succeed and stay focused every day. You can find the help you're looking for to live healthier and happier. Lose weight, enjoy more energy, and live a longer more fulfilling life. We will give you the push you've been looking for to find more balance in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Daily challenges, activities, and inspiration help you find balance - from nutrition and exercise to healthy habits that bring you increased energy and prevent disease. Your subscription to the The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge delivers encouragement and support to your inbox each weekday in different and exciting ways! 

YOUR World

Become the Master of Your Own Health and Wellness! 

Feeling weak? Unmotivated? Lackluster and low on energy? Ready to take control of your life and start rocking your own world? Take it to the next level with the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge! Turn living healthfully into a GAME - when you win, you REALLY WIN!! Earn points and prizes for making healthy choices! If you want to connect with a group of people who share your desire to live healthier and be happier, and if you need a little extra something to get you to stay on track,


This CHALLENGE is for YOU.


Claim your VICTORY.


This is your time.


Your time to take back control of your own decisions and to determine your own success! 

By taking small, consistent steps,
you'll make giant leaps in improving
your health and happiness. 

Take the Lifestyle
Makeover Challenge
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accumulate points every day towards achieving your goals. Goals include nutrition and exercise, but don't stop there. You earn points for enrichment of your mind and spirit, and even for sleep! We'll help you track your success every day so that you can stay focused, energized, and in control. Your membership includes information, inspiration, and group support in our private members-only Facebook group. 
Join a team and compete for badges and accolades. Whether it is competition with yourself that motivates you, or competition with others, isn't it time for you to enjoy the camaraderie and support of an extended family who believes in YOU? When you take this challenge you become part of a bigger close-knit team of people who are all cheering you on and rooting for your success! YOU CAN DO IT! We all know you've got this! 

Find Your Zen

(with or without Yoga)

Discover Your Mind - Body - Spirit Connection

Your ZEN Awaits You

The key to good health lies in finding balance and beauty all around you. Finding balance between exercise and nutrition. Finding balance between work and family. Finding balance in your spirituality and in your physical being. No matter where you are now, no matter how far off-center you feel, or how lost or full of doubt you are, tomorrow is a new day, and YOU can choose who YOU want to be and what you want to DO. Take control of your life one choice at a time - one day at a time - and soon you will be living healthier and happier than you ever thought possible! It is NEVER too late to start a new path. Every day in every way we keep getting better and better!! Learn more 

You're Stronger than You Think! 

We are here to support you on your quest to improve your life - one step at a time. We are here to give you hope when you're discouraged, to give you strength when you're feeling weak, and to hold you up when you've had a rough day. When you take My Lifestyle Makeover Challenge, you have access to our Lifestyle Challenge Facebook page, where you can share your successes and your struggles without judgment. A place where you can seek advice and share support in a safe, positive environment with others who share your quest to live a healthier happier life.


Daily emails will remind you that you are STRONG, they will remind you of your purpose, and give you tips and tricks to help you succeed. No gimmicks. No false promises. Just a tight-knit group of people who are ready to step up the quality of their own lives and to take control of their own health and HAPPINESS. A place where YOU can happily be YOU!  

Count Me IN!

I am ready to live healthier and happier than ever before! 

Are You Ready for Something Totally Different? 
  • Are you satisfied with your current level of health and happiness? 
  • Are you at risk for diabetes or heart disease?
  • Are you overweight? Out of shape? Ready to make a change?
  • Are you suffering from inner doubt, lack of confidence, or are you struggling to make healthy choices?
  • Have you tried everything  - and discovered that most "programs" are full of hooey and hoopla?
  • Are you ready for social and emotional connection, for support and camaraderie, for information on what to do and inspiration on actually doing it?
  • If you're ready to improve your health and discover deeper joy, contentment and happiness, then this is exactly what you've been looking for! 
What's in it for ME?
  • Enjoy community support to keep you going strong - when things get tough, your teammates will help you! 
  • Private Facebook Group for sharing stories, challenges, and successes!
  • Lifestyle Makeover Gaming System to keep things interesting and fun!
  • Be accountable to yourself, your team, and your coach  
  • Join with your friends and family so that all of you can get healthy and compete together
  • Compete to WIN for yourself and for your team    
  • Report your scores daily for instant feedback and success tracking
  • Ask questions and get great advice from your coach and community in the Private Facebook Group
  • No need to join a gym or start an expensive weight loss program! Get the encouragement, knowledge, insights, and challenges to change your life! 
  • Sign up for the FREE Healthy Happy Inspirational Email Club
  • Take the Challenge on your own, or join with friends and family! 

Take the
Lifestyle Challenge!

Gain support and confidence

Join Us! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to Have YOU In our FAMILY!!

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