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Happiness IS a Choice

Research shows that although genetic disposition has an impact on our happiness level, much of it can be controlled and determined by our own outlook on life and our choice to be happy or not be happy in any given circumstance. Why do some people always seem so down and discouraged while others seem to always be full of sunshine even on the darkest of days?

Can we learn to be happier? Or are we stuck with the demeanor we're born with? Research shows that we can indeed learn to be happier! Although we are inundated with the message that we need more stuff, more money, a bigger house, a nicer car, these things don't equate to happiness. People with more money are not any happier than people with less. The key to happiness lies in finding personal joy and satisfaction in relationships and in finding work and hobbies that bring you inner peace and joy.

Hate your job? Are you in an unfulfilling relationship? Do you have quality friends to hang out with? Evaluate your life. Think and meditate on what truly matters to you. Then ask yourself what you can do to get more of THAT. Figure out a realistic way to squeeze in just a few minutes per day - whether that's spending a few quality moments with friends or family, or focusing on a long time goal or project that brings you joy.

You've got this. You deserve to be happy. Don't wait for more money or for more stuff before you allow yourself to be happy. Just create it. Today.

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