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5 Weeks to a 5k: aka "The 525"

Not a runner? No worries! Walking a 5k can be just as satisfying. Here is a walking or jogging plan that you can use FOREVER. Whenever you find you've been in a slump, just get the plan back out and get going! Follow the plan if if seems just about right. If a mile sounds like a bit much, cut all of the distances in half for the first 5 weeks and make it a 10-week plan. More advanced? Double the distances to train for your 10k! Download the pdf here.

Keeping your heart healthy is super important for avoiding heart disease, stroke, and overweight. Plus, you'll improve your sleep, your mood, your functional movements, and the overall quality of your life! Do you think you have too many aches and pains to work out? The more you move, the less pain you'll have if you take it slowly and progress at your own level.

You can do this!! Go get 'em tiger!

complete a 5k in 5 weeks

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