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8 Essential Lifestyle Habits to Boost Immunity and Avert Disease

Did you know that 80% of heart disease is preventable? Did you know that the US obesity (not just overweight, but obese) has surpassed 40%? While maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge, adopting healthy lifestyle habits is key to a longer, healthier, disease-free life.

These 8 Essential Habits are research-proven lifestyle choices that have an impact on your health, your immunity, and your quality of life.

If you haven't yet, go to and sign up for the free Lifestyle Tracker - where you can track each of these positive, life-improving habits quickly and easily every day.

The purpose is to help keep these choices front of mind and to work daily and weekly to increase your overall score as you take small steps towards huge life changes.

The Eight Essential Habits are divided into 4 "Energy" habits, and 4 "Power" habits.

The ENERGY Habits

1. Hydration: drink enough water!

2. The GRAITS - Healthy Grains and Healthy Fats

3. Fruitables - Eat at least 5 servings of Fruits and Vegeatables

4. Lean Machine - Lean Proteins and Mini-Meals

The POWER Habits

5. Muscular Conditioning

6. Cardiovascular Conditioning

7. Personal Growth

8. Rejuvenation - aka sleep!

Find out how to track and score YOUR habits at and get started today! Tomorrow's blog will be all about the first habit - Hydration!


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